Friday, February 1, 2013

Rob McNeilly- If Senator Jack Johnson DOES NOT Insist on a TBI Investigation of Carlos Ghosn & NISSAN I Think the Feds Will Do One & Federal Time is 85% Served.

Rob McNeilly- Can YOU Help Me?

NISSAN Participated in Racketeering-Carlos Ghosn DID Have a Lawyer Involved with Prosecution of Whistleblower -  Sharyn Bovat Can Show Probable Cause for a "Conspiracy".....Lots of Taxpayer Money Wasted - Bonds Backed By Tennessee Municipalities Abused by Cronyism. Carlos Ghosn I Hear The Williamson County ADA Terry Wood is a Great Guy Maybe You Can "Bunk" WIth Him for 8-10.

From the "under oath" affidavit of Williamson County ADA Terry Wood

Less than 48 Hours before my trial MOST of my Subpoenas were QUASHED. BY a lawyer hired by NISSAN .... This should be NOT allowed in a criminal case.  

NISSAN Was able to do this because after I issued my subpoenas Joe Baugh the NISSAN hired former DA made a motion to appear on behalf of the "stalking" victim (NISSAN). Prior to that he was a EVERY court appearance starting July 2010.

The State of Tennessee Statue CLEARLY States that a VICTIM is an "Individual"..

They KNEW That it would be "thorn out" in appeal.  The fact is NISSAN had a "reason" to have the whistleblower jailed 3 times.  They wanted her DISCREDITED.

Based on "this" Bovat did NOT get a fair trial for the Trespass charge with a maximum penalty of $50.
The Baker Donelson lawyer Brigid Carpenter said in court that Sharyn would have had the "same" stress with or without the stalking charge.  THAT is obviously NOT true. The stalking charge had 11 months in jail.  It's something Sharyn Bovat did NOT do & being called a stalker has damaged the reputation of Sharyn Bovat & has harmed her child.  
Imagine living in a small town having your mommy accused of stalking the largest employer.

Bovat's lawyer did NOTHING he too needs to be investigated. 
He had a "conflict of interest"....

Click Here to see copy of Lawsuit Filed January 30th