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Mr. McNeilly Can YOU Ask NISSAN to Respect the Whistleblower and The American Taxpayer....

Just today Mr. McNeilly's name surfaced on data that I read.  It's terrifying.

This man is President of SunTrust in Nashville & He's a respected business man and for all I know someone could be trying to make him look bad.

Still he's connected to Scott Becker who has helped lead the bullying operation that has been done to me.

If people "want" to know WHY he's linked to NISSAN executives.....It stems from the fact that clubs-charities- association- etc.  seem to have "the same" leaders.  They're connected to the Chamber of Commerce.    It's important that A professional look into deals done in Tennessee .

Every time I make a comment about someone it's known that I will make "clarifications"  In the past people have sent me emails me and I immediately make changes.  That's why when NISSAN had NOT done anything in "reference" to my comments about the battery plant (for years) it's "very telling"....

Note to Mr. McNeilly:

Sir, I have "not" researched issues in reference to local deals "just to stay ALIVE"  People keep telling me about certain practices and I immediately do a  Sergeant Shultz.  FYI- I have a high IQ - not formally educated I missed a lot of school growing up.  My mom used to take me to South East Asia on "road trips" this was during the Vietnam War. So my words are simple.  Why did SUNTRUST not fund the NISSAN EV plant.  They used the Treasury bank.

Picture of the brochure of the place my mom took me to as a little girl.... It ain't Disneyland.  LOTS of people in the past had spoken up about the Good Ole Boy Network...I guess none of them went to cock fights as children.  When you people have "terrified" me and I keep fighting back!!!

People have called me from ALL over the world. One lady was using my blog to prove to her husband that moving to Tennessee would be worse than having him "find another job"....

Y'all bullied a woman who was considered
the TOP relocation consultant....
That is WHY I was asked to manage the relocation for NISSAN's 1st EVP (Board member) to Tennessee.  That fact could get me in an article in a UK paper.  The want to "make a joke" about America's bible belt....

People in the UK have used my blog to FORCE NISSAN into creating jobs in the UK.... A Versa like compact that was to be built in a "cheaper" area is NOW coming to Sunderland.  Since NISSAN lied to them about EV job creation.. THE UK government gave a LOT of money to NISSAN ....Still NOTHING compared to America.....

Anyway the EU people like to "make fun" of  how stupid America is and JUST so NISSAN can be exposed for supporting IRAN and for abusing taxpayer money to get the story to break I'm working on a piece documenting that "stupid states" spent Stimulus money in a Stupid way.... it's true.....   Mississippi abused federal money... Do you know they take 2 federal dollars for every one they give.  That's NOT far.   Haley Barbour did deals with NISSAN...  go to and read the DC Pillow Talk page.... it's Juicy...  Mark Silverman was in the "same" leadership Nashville class as Scott Becker...

The Al GOre Iberdrola connection is BIG!!

Nissan Pulls Plug on Battery Plant Grand Opening

Nashville Public Radio-Nov 9, 2012
The grand opening of Nissan's new electric car battery plant in Smyrna has been cancelled. A spokesperson for the automaker says scheduling conflicts have ...

"The cancelation of the grand ceremony allows Nissan to avoid media scrutiny about low sales, or the need to answer questions about how the company will reverse the trend..." Brad Berman article

FYI- Plugin Cars "was" notorious for being NISSAN's BIGGEST Cheerleaders.... After I explained issues on a forum for Leaf owners (new and future) people have reached out to me to verify that "my issues" are real.

I'm sure Mr. McNeilly knows the American Treasury Bank is "known" for changing terms.  Now that Obama has been reelected they'll get a "cushy" deal.  They need the loan "written off"... I'm sure Lamar Alexander is in NO position to make that happen.

Had SUNTRUST funded the EV plant y'all be nervous.after the recent statement..
Did YOU Know NISSAN does business with Iran.

Sir, I WANT to get out of this cesspool called Tennessee.  It makes no sense why people would not encourage NISSAN to mediate.  I need my reputation back.  Once I move out of the state y'all connected to the Chamber can continue to suck money from bond and other taxpayer funded sources with "limited" oversight.  The Nashville Business Journal is nothing but a "newsletter" for the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. The Tennessean is truly "just" a media tool created to sell advertising.  The reality is NOBODY wants to find out WHY Tennessee is #1 in corruption then "fine".... By seeing how "I" was treated for whistle blower "who" in their right mind would ever confront bad doers wasting taxpayer money.  For the record.  The people that don't report the story for "I GET IT".....  Mark Silverman explained it to me.  Your in the business to "make money" it does not help your bottom line to write about a whistle blower.    It's OK!!!  I told one person in DC that Tennessee gives me FLASHBACKS to the corrupt culture in Honduras.   The only difference is people in the CIA did deal to support AMEICA and provide Freedom and Democracy.  People in Tennessee do sleazy things because their "greedy".....

PLEASE Mr. McNeilly Just tell NISSAN who got 50 TIMES in taxpayer funded incentives-  more than other companies to "relocate" to Tennessee to be respectful.  ALL the notes from talking to people is in "safe" locations.

Here's the link from my blog.
it was Brentwood Home Page that artfully put it together.  Do you know HOW MANY people know about me?

People that used to see me & immediately ran away are NOW giving me the "thumbs up"...  they still are "scared" some know that the Good Ole Boys will stay in power UNTIl there is a MAJOR shake up.

Nissan Whistleblower: NISSAN Gets Too Much Taxpayer Cash ...
Oct 19, 2012

Sir - I've had death threats and I'm scared.

NOTE to the FEDS to do something NOW

If NOT then just get me OUT of here.  Tell Haslam to expunge my record from all the trumped up charges.

OR I can go "this" route - Now that President Obama has been reelected I can pursue the HATE CRIME done to me.

The bully done to me because people in the community were told I was gay is NOT LEGAL.  Also the "Selective prosecution done to a woman who NEVER had anything on her record for a 1st time misdemeanor. The "same" as Occupy Nashville.
something is "FISHY"......

"...Area experts said a willingness to lend on autos also has been a catalyst in its own right. Rob McNeilly, Nashville president and CEO of SunTrust Bank of Atlanta, said auto lending remained strong and snapped back because even struggling borrowers prioritize their car payments: They’ve got to get to work if they’re going to pay the rest of their bills.
SunTrust’s auto loan numbers in the Nashville area were up 23 percent in the first half of this year, compared to the same time period in 2011. Much of the lending is done by purchasing loans from financing companies, but SunTrust also has seen refinancings and direct loans to consumers grow, and it has capitalized on that by developing more individually tailored loans......"  Biz JOURNALS

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